Green Drinks Helena

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We are happy to announce that Green Drinks is happening in Helena, MT.  Every month, people in Helena will have the opportunity to engage in our local environmental community.

Everyone is invited from NGOs, businesses, academia, government and the local community.  This is a place for networking and sharing projects.  This is a great way to catch up with people you know and a great way to make new contacts and learn about organizations and individuals interested in all things sustainable.

A local business will host and sponsor these monthly community events.  The venue will change each month so check this page often and please enter your information on the right to receive updates in your email inbox or like our Facebook page here to add updates to your usual news feed.

We are excited to engage with Helena’s environmental community and show support to our local businesses.  Hope to see you there!

To Host:

If you are interested in hosting a Green Drinks event please contact us.

Hosts provide drinks and snacks for attendees. We also ask hosts to give a short talk about sustainable initiatives they are implementing. Green Drinks will promote the event and business through our email list and facebook, and would like hosts to do the same.