Park Avenue Bakery

Sustainability Narrative

  • Use paper/ compostable take-out packaging
  • Give discount for customers who bring in a travel mug
  • Sell re-usable travel mugs
  • Compost lunch scrap food
  • Staff are encouraged to bike or walk to work
  • Installed energy-efficient lighting
  • Installed high-efficiency hot water heaters
  • Recycle all paper, metal and plastic possible using Helena Recycles
  • Donate day old bread to God’s Love, Indian Alliance and Farm in the Dell
  • Turn off lights and ovens when not in use
  • Use washable towels for cleaning rather than paper
  • Sell fair-trade/ organic coffee
  • Re-use food containers for storage, sour cream, etc.
  • Buy grown in Montana flour for bread
  • Buy Jonathan’s Eggs (local)
  • Buy Hutterite produce and meat
  • Transitioning to buying recycled toner cartridges
  • Only use online marketing to save paper
  • Do routine equipment maintenance so it runs most efficiently and lasts longer

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.