J4 Automotive

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Sustainability Narrative

  • Recycle all coolant to be restored and reused
  • Recycle all oil filters at Pacific Steel and Recycling 
  • Recycle all batteries 
  • Recycle all scrap metal, approximately 6,000-7,000 lbs annually 
  • Sell used tires to a the Tire Baler to be re-used for bridge abutments, etc. 
  • Pumps in the facility have oil separators to prevent oil leakage into East Helena Sewage 
  • Use waste oil in an EPA-approved furnace for heating the facility and sell excess waste oil to Emerald Recycling or CAP Paving Company 
  • Buy oil in bulk to reduce packaging and lower costs 
  • Recycle aluminum cans 
  • Use re-usable rags 
  • Use an evaporation unit for cooling in summer, use a water-cooled fan

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.